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The database interferential the most complete in terms of PGC (Software Content Management), or what the English called CMS (Content Management Systems). You will find here a wealth of information on the vast majority of CMS and their tools that populate the Web.


A content management system or CMS Content Management System or CMS) is a family of software for the design and update of dynamic Web site or multimedia application. They share the following features :

  • they allow multiple people to work on the same document ;

  • they provide a string of publication (workflow) with the possibility to upload the content of the documents ;

  • they are used to separate the management operations of the form and content ;

  • they are used to structure the content (using the FAQ, documents, blogs, discussion forums, etc) ;

  • some of the CMS, which include the management of versions.

When the SGC gere dynamic content, it is called a content management system with dynamic or DMCS Dynamic Content Management System, or DCMS).  

The CMS should not be confused with systems of electronic document management system (DMS) that enable the management of content in the enterprise.




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