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Big Tree CMS

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BigTree CMS

Detailed Description:

BigTree CMS is an open-source content management system designed to offer a straightforward and flexible platform for managing website content. It is focused on providing a user-friendly interface and a customizable environment for developers. The system aims to balance ease of use for content editors with the ability to extend and customize for developers. BigTree CMS includes features like a drag-and-drop form builder, custom modules, a robust API, and built-in SEO tools.

BigTree CMS is maintained by a community of developers, ensuring it is regularly updated and improved. It supports a wide range of content management needs, from simple websites to more complex, dynamic web applications.


BigTree CMS was first released in 2009. Since its release, it has undergone continuous development and improvements. The project has a history of updates that enhance its functionality, security, and user experience.


BigTree CMS is built using PHP and relies on a MySQL database for content storage. It is designed with a modular architecture that allows for extensive customization and scalability. The front end is developed using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Key technological components include:

  • PHP: The primary server-side scripting language used to build the CMS.
  • MySQL: The database management system used for storing content and metadata.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript: Standard technologies for front-end development.
  • Twig: A template engine used to enhance the flexibility and power of front-end templates.
  • Modular Architecture: Supports the creation and integration of custom modules and extensions.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: The CMS provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy for non-technical users to manage content.
  2. Customization: Its modular architecture allows developers to create custom modules and tailor the CMS to specific needs.
  3. Open Source: Being open source, it allows developers to modify and extend the system freely.
  4. Built-in SEO Tools: Features designed to improve search engine visibility are integrated into the CMS.
  5. Form Builder: A drag-and-drop form builder that simplifies the creation of forms without requiring coding.


  1. Smaller Community: Compared to more widely used CMSs like WordPress or Joomla, BigTree CMS has a smaller community, which can mean fewer plugins, themes, and third-party support options.
  2. Learning Curve for Advanced Customizations: While basic use is straightforward, more advanced customizations can require a deeper understanding of the system and PHP.
  3. Performance: Depending on the hosting environment and the complexity of the site, there can be performance challenges.
  4. Less Documentation: The documentation, while available, may not be as comprehensive or as frequently updated as more popular CMSs.
  5. Limited Hosting Options: While BigTree CMS can run on any server that supports PHP and MySQL, it may not be as readily available on managed hosting services compared to more popular CMS options.

In summary, BigTree CMS is a versatile and user-friendly content management system that provides a solid balance between ease of use and customizability. It is well-suited for developers looking for an open-source CMS that can be tailored to specific needs, though it may present some challenges in terms of community support and advanced customization.


Release date  =  2011

Written in PHP

License GNU GPL

Site web